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Ayurvedic Spa - Packages & Treatments Tariff

Kumarakom Houseboat Holidays offer special Ayurvedic Spa Packages In our Ayrvedic Panchakarma Treatment center based on the guests' specific requirements. We provide services from qualified Ayurveda Doctors and Therapist. All treatments and rejuvenation packages are conducted based on their consultation

Time Treatment Rs.
75 min Abhyangam 1500/-
90 min Kalari Massage + Medicated Steam Bath 1800/-
100 min Abhyangam + Shirodhara 2850/-
60 min Elakizhi 1800/-
90 min Pizhichil 2800/-
60 min Navarakkizhi 1950/-
60 min Udwarthanam 1500/-
150 min Herbal Body Pack 4500/-
30 min Nasyam 450/-
60 min Herbal Face Pack 900/-
30 min Foot Massage 800/-
45 min Head Face, Shoulder + Back Massage 1050/-

We have the free pick up and drop service form any ware in Kumarakom.

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Ayurveda packages

Which is believed as the oldest treatment method in the world (more than 3500 years old). The Plants are used for preparing as medicines. Nowadays Ayurveda has become very popular among the tourist especially foreigners. Patients from all over the world are coming here for Ayurveda treatment

The literal meaning of Ayurveda is 'Science of Life'. The system is passed through traditionally from master to disciples orally. 'Thaliyola', palm leaf, was used for writing medical details. 'Narayam', an iron pin, was used as pen. The disciples used to stay in master's house, which is known a 'Gurukula'.

To stay healthy, the Tridoshas need to function in harmony with each other, as well as with the five basic elements of the Universe (Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Ether). Most illness arise due to the imbalance in functioning of any one or two of the Tridoshas which leads to malfunction of the internal organs. Although Ayurveda acknowledges that infective diseases are spread by germs, the treatment is based on the theory of Tridoshas. Ayurveda does not 'kill' an infection like antibiotics but instead it strengthens body's immune system to fight disease or infection

How Ayurveda works?

Ayurveda Beauty Therapy

The first step in Ayurveda treatment is diagnosis to determine the constitution of the person. That is a unique way by which the patient who is diagnosed first and not the disease.

The same disease might appear in different forms in two persons because of their different constitution. Due to this variation in constitution the medicines and treatment may be different for two people for the same illness. This difference in treatment methods according to the constitution is essential to bring back the natural balance of the biological humors. The constitutional approach is the essence of the Ayurvedic system. Understanding the patient's constitution helps one to lead a life style that is most befitting his constitution, thus optimizing his health and creative potential.

According to Ayurvedic system, human body consists of three primary life forces or biological humors, which are Vatha, Pitha and Kapha. These three doshas are called the tridoshas. A balance among these life forces is essential for proper health. Any imbalance among the tridoshas causes a state of unhealthiness or disease.

Ayurveda Therapies:

Ayurveda has excellent results for ailments and rejuvenation therapies


This total body massage with herbal oils tones the skin, rejuvenates and strengthens all the tissues so as to achieve ideal health and longevity. This increases primary vitality (Ojas) and resistance. It is also beneficial to the eyes and gives sound sleep. It is also is a cure for rheumatism. Abhyangam keeps your body fit, control fat, reduces sagging and makes the skin younger, reduces stress and increases circulation when massaged with medicated oils.

Kalari Massage with Medicated steam bath

Its about 60 minutes Massage and 30 minutes steam bath.The steam bath Certain precious herbal leaves and herbs are boiled and the steam is passed over the whole body. This is good for certain types of skin diseases for eliminating impurities and improving the tone of the body for reducing fat etc.
In this treatment, after a full body massage using lukewarm therapeutic oils, steam produced by the boiling of certain herbs and their leaves in water, is filled in a cavity in which the patient is kept. It induces perspiration and thus drains impurities, tones up the body, clears the skin and improves the blood circulation. It cures obesity, pains in the joints, problems of the respiratory system and rheumatic complaints.


A specialised treatment involving squeezing a cloth soaked in oil over the body.

During this treatment, the patient is made to sit on the droni and then medicated oils are administered over the body and the head. Four therapists, two on either side of the patient aid in this process, especially if Dhara treatment is undertaken simultaneously.

A cloth is tied over the patient's forehead to prevent the oil from getting into the eyes. The warm medicated oil is then poured in a continually flowing single stream, squeezing a clean cloth dipped in oil over the body. The treatment starts and ends with the patient in a sitting position. In the duration in between, the patient is made to lie flat.

As is the case with Dhara, the duration and bathing process varies with each patient. Pizhichil oil therapy helps alleviate skeletal and muscular diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, lumbago, sciatica, hemiplegia, neuropathy, and more.

It is very important to note however, that because Ayurveda is tailor-made to suit each individual and the typical ailment, certain treatments might not be administered to him, as per doctor's orders.


A treatment where the patient is made to lie on a special wooden bed (droni) after which, the medicated oil/milk/buttermilk are poured in a prescribed continuous stream on the head by the therapist, who is also assisted by two other therapists. For the oil application on the head, a wide mouthed earthen vessel with a hole at the bottom is hung about two inches from the patient's forehead. A thread hangs forth from the hole along which the oil flows. The prescribed liquid is then poured into the vessel and on the upper forehead in a steady stream. The liquid drippings are collected and the oil is poured back into the vessel. The patient is then given a warm water bath or toweled off. This treatment continues depending on the severity of each case, in order to alleviate fatigue, improve memory, restore equilibrium and is also effective in cases involving insomnia, migraine, ear nose diseases, spondilitis and paraplegia.


This is a herbal steam treatment allowing the body to perspire and release impurities from the skin. It is excellent for helping soothe painful, sore or aching muscles and joints and for improving the complexion.


This is an Ayurvedic therapy to help alleviate problems of excess mucus and blocked sinuses. An invigorating head massage is followed by a herbal steam inhalation and the application of hot towels. Herbal nasal drops are then administered to loosen, melt and release mucus form the sinus passages.

Netra Tarpana

This is treatment during which the eyes are bathed in a cooing liquid to help soothe and relieve soreness and tiredness and while gently removing toxins and impurities.


This is pouring of medicated warm milk to the whole body for 45- 60 minutes.


This is massage with linen bags containing cooked njavara rice soaked continuously in a mixture of milk and decoction for 45 - 60 minutes.


A feather cap is kept on the scalp containing luke-warm oil for 45-60 minutes.


This is pouring medicated luke-warm oil all over the body for 45-60 minutes.


This is pouring medicated luke-warm oil on the fore-head and scalp for 45-60 minutes.


This is a whole body massage with fine medicinal powder for 45-60 minutes to enliven and energize the body. It helps promote better digestion, healthier skin, firmer muscle tone, increased circulation and a breakdown of cellulites. It is widely recommended for those with obesity or those wishing to loose weight.


This is application of enema with decoctions and medicated oilDiseases Treated:


Package Cost Rs; 6500/- Per day per person.

It is the process of purifying the whole body to attain proper balance of Vatha, Pitha and Kapha on Panchakarma and Swetakarma treatment. This will also purify the gunas and doshas of mind viz. Satwa, Rajans and Thamas. The package process include body massage Snehapanam, Nasyam, Virechanam, (Medicated Purgative) sneha vasthi, kashayaVasthi, Pizhichil, Gnavarakkizhi, Tharpanam, Sirovasthi, Karnpoornam, Medicated steam bath.

Body Purification - Ayurvedic Spa Package The above festive package include:
  • * Stay Ayurvedic Heritage Resort
  • * Ayurvedic Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • * Consultation with Ayurvedic Doctor
  • * Ayurvedic Treatment as per the advice of doctor / Guest Choice
  • * Evening Boat Cruise
  • * Transfers from cochin Airport & Back


Package Cost Rs; 6500/- Per day per person

This programme includes massages, in take of herbal juice, herbal preparations and some minor exercises. A special AYURVEDA diet is advised during this period and this package includes two types of massages

Medicated Herbal oil massage

Medicated Herbal powder massage

Herbal Oil & Powder Massage - Ayurvedic Spa Packages
The above ayurvea package include:
  • * Stay Ayurvedic Heritage Resort
  • * Ayurvedic Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • * Consultation with Ayurvedic Doctor
  • * Ayurvedic Treatment as per the advice of doctor / Guest Choice
  • * Evening Boat Cruise
  • * Transfers from cochin Airport & Back

Commonly treatable diseases include:

  • * Rheumatism
  • * Arthritis of different kinds
  • * Hemiphlegia
  • * Joint stiffness and pain
  • * Facial palsy
  • * Anxiety
  • * Allergic asthma
  • * Peptic ulcer
  • * Motor neuron diseases
  • * Psoriasis and other skin diseases
  • * Back pain of different causes
  • * Neuralgia
  • * Disc prolapse
  • * Hypertension or high blood pressure
  • * Headaches
  • * Migraine
  • * Chronic cough
  • * Diabetes mellitus
  • * Piles
  • * Disorders of digestion
  • * Fatigue
  • * Insomnia
  • * Sinus congestion
  • * Stress
  • * Anger
  • * Irritability
  • * nervous tension, worry, anxiety, fear
  • * depression
  • * cellulites
  • * Poor digestion